Terminal Repairs

Repair Centre

African Resonance is a certified and authorised Level 1, 2 and 3 Repair Centre.

African Resonance is a certified and authorised Terminal Repair Centre for Ingenico and Newland Payment terminals in the South African market as well as certain African countries.

The technicians are extremely experienced in both Linux and Android devices.

All repairs are performed in accordance with our OEMs strict guidelines. Our suite of re-activate tools are utilised within our secure Repair Laboratory environment for all terminal repair types, and all terminal repair activity is reported to the Ingenico and Newland Groups.

The African Resonance Repair Centre comprises of the following:

  • Goods Received – the recordal of all terminals received
  • Repair Lab – the terminal repairs are split into three categories:
    • Level 1 – Assessment and Repairs of External Components
    • Level 2 – Intermediate Repair (Internal Components)
    • Level 3 – Extensive and Specialised Repairs (Internal Components)
  • Terminal Prep/Trusted Centre – the terminals are inspected, cleaned and DUKPT keys are reloaded
  • QA and Packaging – final quality assessment and packaging

Each terminal device communicates its hardware status, daily heartbeat status, error log status and transactional count. This information is used to improve merchant support and maintenance.

Clinical Precision & Tools

Extensive investment in our facilities and tools for technicians results in clinical performance and standards of excellence being adopted for all repairs.

The entire Lab is engineered with OEM-approved Air Tools, Diagnostics equipment, and all original OEM parts for repairs to ensure absolute efficiency and throughput.

Repair centre