POS Terminal Logistics

In 2003, confronted with the opportunity to disrupt the terminal support construct in the local market, African Resonance pioneered what is now known as the "AR Dispatch Model".

The African Resonance Dispatch Model utilises a national network of couriers to enable 24-hour delivery and activation of devices to merchants, anywhere in the country.

Scale Operators

This agile and efficient model is the preferred intervention in the event of simple incidents, new deployments, bulk terminal replacements and collections, as well as routine swap outs. The Dispatch Model is African Resonance’s most cost-effective physical intervention, applying a pay-per-use price structure, rather than fixed overheads.

The logistics solution is equipped to either deliver single devices directly to merchants or alternatively to deliver batch consignments to field support teams.

New Terminal Deployment Process

Deployment process Deployment process

Merchant Activation and Training

Deployment process Deployment process