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+ Years dedicated development expertise + Terminals in the hands of customers World-class production facility 100 328 000

The African Resonance Resume

  • Large terminal estate in SA

    Over 328,000 terminals in the hands of customers

  • Proprietary technology

    Locally developed proprietary platforms, with vertical integrations across all operational and technology platforms.

  • Established blue chip and emerging customer base

    Relationships with all major financial institutions.

  • >100 years dedicated development expertise

    Material internal development team with extensive payment and transaction expertise.

  • Partnership with Ingenico / Newland NPT

    Local support / international partnerships. Repair lab and key injection facility.

  • African Resonance business model

    Is premised on a key principle which is scale – this allows us to pass on to customers the benefits of operational and cost efficiency.

Consistent execution strategy

Our Capabilities

  • Partner
  • Innovate
  • Execute


  • Hardware supply
  • Standalone POS / PED / ECR-Pos

Trusted centre

  • On-premise key injection
  • Remote Diagnostics (RKI) including direct key


  • Dedicated Integrated MPLS network
  • BYOI (Bring Your Own Internet)

Software development

  • Embedded Payment Application development
  • Bespoke Software Solutions
  • Certified terminal repair centre (Level1,2 and 3 repairs) [Linux and Android]
  • Terminal logistics (delivery and collection of terminals)

Business development

  • Identify strategic opportunities and partnerships
  • Monetise and scale
  • Creation of long-term value
  • Provision of bespoke services


  • World-class estate management services
  • Sophisticated remote VAS application management
  • Technical Call Centre support
  • In-field support (R3)


International partners, locally supported

African Resonance is the distributor for the worlds leading POS terminal manufacturers, namely Ingenico and Newland Payment Technology.

Current terminal estate supplied and managed through the Papilio platform of more than 285,000 devices in South Africa.
Successfully deployed over 100 million terminals thereby contributing its technological prowess to the global payment industry.


PCI certified Key Injection Facility at our premises

No less than 8 financial institutions and payment operators currently have keys loaded in our facility for the physical key injection, operation, and deployment of their devices either for first installation or for rotation back into the field following repairs.