Communications Network

POS Terminal Communications

In-house custom-designed communications platform, Resonet

The Resonet Network architecture is geared to exceed technical requirements for Banking and Non-Banking applications by reducing complexity and more importantly, limiting core points of failure. The African Resonance software development team extended their skills, experience and knowledge base to GSM and IP Network development. Transmission Control Protocol ("TCP") and Internet Protocol ("IP") has been proven to be the best approach to inter-networking a varied range of LAN and WAN technologies in the South African landscape.

Communications network

Scale Operators

African Resonance's business partnerships with MTN and Vodacom, has afforded Resonet full access to a specialist team of network professionals who are able to research, refine and even advance African Resonance's existing networking capabilities. Resonet has full access to the network interface, the internet and ‘host to host’ layers. The Resonet Network is a terminal-optimised approach to networking by focusing efforts on redundancy, risk mitigation as well as eliminating additional 'hops'.

Scale Operators

+300 000 active SIM Cards in the market

The network is fit for purpose and can be scaled exponentially. The philosophy to reduce complexity, reduce potential points of failure and boost productivity whilst reducing costs through continuous improvement has proven to be a resounding success. This unique turnkey offering provides its users with a robust solution covering hardware, software, communication and related services. The level of proficiency with which the turnkey offering is delivered, is afforded by an ethos of impeccable teamwork and co-ordination.


MSB Micro, the provider of the radius infrastructure (MTN Solution), provides Resonet with an online portal where African Resonance monitors usage and can manage various configurations, including SIM Usernames and Passwords. The Iris Network Monitoring platform provides real time views of traffic into the Bank including uptime, down time and traffic.

Bring Your Own Internet - BYOI

African Resonance hosts our own Bring Your Own Internet (BYOI) solution, which allows merchants to connect their POS terminals to their own local WiFi hotspot or WiFi router.

This solution further enhances device connectivity and redundancy; particularly in the era of rolling black outs and power disruption which has shown to impact the MNO networks and towers.

BYOI, combined with dual network connections on the Resonet APN, results in unparalleled comms redundancy for African Resonance clients and their respective device estates.

Bring Your Own Internet - BYOICustomisation