A micro-merchant queue-busting, admin-reducing, business-in-a-box solution.

An ultralight POS solution which enables merchants to load stock of up to 9 categories (including 9 SKU’s per category) with images. This allows merchants to monitor sales and dramatically speed up transacting times with less admin and finger error at checkout.

MicroPOS combines a calculator, POS system and payment all into one sleek merchant checkout solution.

Why use MicroPOS?
MicroPOS allows merchants to trade more efficiently, eliminates the need for an external calculator and provides a simple stock management solution, creating an enhanced merchant and customer experience.

Who is MicroPOS for?
This solution is for the micro-merchant. The merchant that has one terminal, offers a small selection of products and trades at events such as school days, markets and the like where there are high transaction volumes, queues and the need for a faster transacting solution.


  • Built-in calculator with automated checkout
  • Customisable product catalogue
  • Fast basket build with automated checkout
  • Stock management including low stock and out of stock alerts
  • Real-time & end-of-day reports
  • Faster and smoother transactions with less finger error from manual capture
  • Faster checkouts = more checkouts

A micro merchant solution that combines a calculator, POS system and payment all in one.

Primary Features

Built-in calculator:

  • Add or subtract prices
  • Calculate total transaction amount or change owed to customers
  • Seamlessly checkout and automatically launch the payment app


  • Load stock/products
  • Display catalogue allowing merchants to press a single button to add products to order with automated running total
  • Monitor and process sales
  • Track & analyse stock movement
  • Identify popular products