Who we are

Founded in 2003, African Resonance Business Solutions (PTY) Limited has a well-established track record of delivering innovative & disruptive business solutions to the payments industry, both locally and internationally.

Combining best-in-class quality hardware solutions; innovative, proprietary software and Terminal Estate Management services, backed by comprehensive, instant support responsiveness makes African Resonance South Africa’s leading provider of payment infrastructure and related services to established Financial Institutions; emerging payment service providers; the hospitality industry and retail operators.
Since its formation, African Resonance has concluded supply and service arrangements with most of the leading retail banks in South Africa, for the supply of payment-related equipment and services. Collectively, these institutions process the vast majority of payments in the South African retail environment.

African Resonance has been a local partner of Ingenico International - the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of payment devices - since 2003. During this time, African Resonance has been recognised as an 'Ingenico Centre of Excellence', both as distributor and through its skilled customer service and maintenance capacity.

In 2019, African Resonance (through affiliate Dashpay) secured the exclusive distribution rights for Newland Payment Technology for South Africa and SADC and in the time since, has deployed the largest android terminal estate in South Africa through our valued clients.
Ingenico Centre of Excellence

African Resonance is a leading provider of payment infrastructure and related services

As at March 2023, there are currently 328 000 POS terminals operating in the field across our various merchant networks.

African Resonance has invested heavily in its technology platforms and has a proprietary suite of infrastructure and terminal fleet enterprise management solutions. These technologies allow African Resonance to manage, within a single workflow management platform, a terminal estate business covering remote merchant management, contract management, workflow management, asset management, call centre logging, problem resolution management, SLA management, terminal dispatch and activation of banking and non-banking products.

As focused experts and thought leaders in the terminal & merchant estate value chain, African Resonance provides a forum to share and explore new products, technology and business process with all our customers, to optimise their business operations, add value, and tap new revenue streams.

African Resonance has a locally based team of Software engineers and development experts with indepth payment software experience. Our propriety software stack supported by local resource results in significant business efficiencies and improved customer and merchant experience through stable robust software, and fast to market version updates and innovation modules.

The African Resonance Resume

  • Large terminal estate in SA

    Over 328,000 terminals in the hands of customers

  • Proprietary technology

    Locally developed proprietary platforms, with vertical integrations across all operational and technology platforms.

  • Established blue chip and emerging customer base

    Relationships with all major financial institutions.

  • >100 years dedicated development expertise

    Material internal development team with extensive payment and transaction expertise.

  • Partnership with Ingenico / Newland NPT

    Local support / international partnerships. Repair lab and key injection facility.

  • African Resonance business model

    Is premised on a key principle which is scale – this allows us to pass on to customers the benefits of operational and cost efficiency.

African Resonance Team Structure

Customer Wellness & Support

  • Account Managers
  • Call Centre
  • R3 (Logistics)

Internal Support Functions

  • Finance / Legal
  • IT
  • Human Capital

Customer Support Services

  • Repairs
  • Warehouse
  • Production

Software Development / Compliance

  • Dashpay (Development)
  • Legal
  • Security